FREE Download Audio/MIDI Multitrack Studio Recording

Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software for Windows :

- "One man band" home recording, adding tracks one at a time.
- Live multitrack recording, recording all tracks simultaneously.

- Audio Recording : Audio tracks can be recorded while playing along with previously recorded ones.

- MIDI Recording : MIDI tracks can be recorded using a MIDI keyboard. You can also use the computer keyboard or even a touchscreen.
Instrument sounds can be generated by the General MIDI compatible MultitrackStudio Instruments or external MIDI hardware like a keyboard. VSTi / DXi plugins can be used as well.

- Editing : Both audio and MIDI tracks can be edited to get rid of any mistakes. The MIDI editing features include pianoroll, notation, drum and pattern editing.

- Mixing : The powerful mixer structure includes an unlimited number of Effect Return and Group sections, numerous built-in high quality effects and VST and DX plugin support. The Pro Plus edition features automation and powerful sidechaining options.

- Mastering : Finally you can mix all tracks down to a single audio file. You can import this file in your CD-writer software and burn your music to CD.

Requirements :

- A computer not older than 6 years (older ones are too slow).
- Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000 SP4.
- Sound device with ASIO driver is recommended, but built-in audio device works too.
- For audio recording: a microphone (and optionally a mic preamp, compressor etc.)
- For MIDI recording: a MIDI keyboard etc.

Size : 3.23 MB
Type : Freeware



Zan said...

As a old school musician, I'm afraid I will always prefer my physical workstations, like my Tascam :( Although this does look intriguing! Thanks!

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